Organic Food

What is organic food?

Chemical free and Pest free vegetables

The first thing to know is that even food labeled “pesticide-free” is not truly free of pesticides. Pesticide residues are everywhere in the environment, and there’s no way to produce food on a large scale that contains no trace of these contaminants.

Some residues are long-lasting remnants of chemicals like DDT, banned decades ago but still present in soil. And crops grown without pesticides often contain residues blown in by the wind or carried in water runoff from nearby or distant farms.

Residues may also be present in foods at levels below the limits of widely used testing methods. “None detected” isn’t the same as “zero.”

That said, foods grown in different ways can have substantially different levels of pesticide contamination.

The “pesticide-free” label may be used by farmers who don’t apply any synthetic herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides to their crops, much like organic farmers.

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